Analog Thoughts In A Digital Age

My thoughts on our digital world and how we can change.

As the great Hank Mood said in my favorite show Californication, I feel I’m an “analog guy stuck in a digital world.” Now don’t get me wrong I love the digital age, however; it was a simpler time in the analog world. We seem to have forgotten how to be “human”, and we are more technologic than our phones sometimes. It’s funny I say this because my career is in digital marketing, but hear me out on this one. I have a question for anyone reading this, when’s the last time you actually went out and soaked in the world around you? No, I’m not talking about going somewhere and taking pictures of you being there. I’m talking about no phones, no computers, no one knows where you are or who you’re with. It’s just you and the world around, you listen to the sounds around you and just breath.

Now let’s reel it back in for a second and talk about the age of analog I was speaking of. I’m referencing the era of the late 50’s early 70’s, where music was pure and so were the people around you. Some of my favorite music came out in the early ’70s and honestly I listen to it daily. No, it’s not because I’m a “hipster” it’s because it reminds me of a simpler time. People my age aren’t too thrilled about the world we grew up and are living in now. Things are complicated, expensive, and downright not like the used to be. I grew up listening to my parents and grandparents talk about how life was for them. It almost seemed magical in a sense, you went to school, graduated, found the love of your life and lived to your true potential. You could go see a drive-in movie, walk around a park at night not worried about what might happen, there was less worry in the world.

This day in age life is a little different. It seems some of us have forgotten how to really enjoy life and do what makes us happy. We seem to get stuck in our day to day life working for the weekend and never looking for what makes us truly happy. Oh, I know you’re probably thinking, “what does this “kid” know about life and what I’m dealing with?” The sad truth is no one knows what anyone else is going through, we just live out our days not speaking up and talking. It brings me back to the analog age I was speaking of, where people voiced how they felt whether it was protests, music, or just talking to each other. When people do this now we call them radical or “edgy” which I’ve never understood.

What I’m getting at with this is, we need to start listening and get out of our comfort zones. Let’s just take a step back from our worries and find what makes us want to get up in the mornings. Try not to let what others think or do affect who you are, find your passion and love in this world and go for it. Because, if you don’t someone else will and you’ll regret it later.

by Jerome A. Costa