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Christopher August Story

Over three years ago I created this agency to be a solution in the digital marketing space for businesses taken advantage of by agencies deploying aggressive sales teams without the fulfillment team to backup the end products and services. Having witnessed firsthand the distorted and short-sighted business practices of larger agencies - where driving new sales was prioritized over client retention - where quantity was elevated above quality - and where operations were disproportionately driven by the bottom line rather than maximizing return for clients. Ethically, I could not continue to work in that environment. Any new client or partnership we take on can expect a committed and passionate team focused on long-term growth and mutually beneficial relationships. Together we achieve success.

When/Why Partner With Christopher August?


Are you tired of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on advertising and not being able to justify the ROI? 


Are you confused on how to set up the right social channels for your business? Are you wondering if any advertising works for your business?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then working with a local agency like Christopher August is worth every penny or at least a free consult. 


If you don’t have the right set up, cater to the wrong audience, or don’t efficiently track your investment, you might as well use your ad budget to start a dumpster fire!


Media and consumer behavior is changing everyday, so learning to adapt to that behavior is very time sensitive.   Finding the right agency that has the expertise and is the right fit for your business might take some time.  We can assure you, your money will be worth a lot more than a way to get a fire going! 


Christopher August is a boutique creative digital agency delivering big results by developing and executing custom marketing strategies tailored to fit the unique needs and goals of each client. We offer a full suite of services designed to achieve maximum online visibility and drive traffic, executed with a creative marketing approach that augments the client’s brand and sets them apart from competition. We are data-driven, digital storytellers crafting marketing solutions that reach target audiences while maintaining authenticity.

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